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Welcome to a New Age of Fire Sprinkler Solutions

We strive to deliver fire protection solutions for the most demanding and complex situations, including:


Storage facilities

Hazardous Commodities

battery energy storage systems BESS

Unique Architectures

Unique architectures

And More!

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Fire Sprinklers Face Many Modern Challenges

  • Tall Ceiling Heights

  • Dense Storage

  • Unique Construction

  • Hazardous Goods

Evolving Fire Protection for Modern Warehouses

As e-commerce grows, warehouses are taller and larger, storing hazardous items like mattresses, furniture, aerosols, and batteries. Traditional fire sprinkler systems, reliant on heat-sensitive mechanisms, may struggle with the complexity and speed of modern fires, necessitating advanced solutions.

Ceiling Heights are Soaring

Modern warehouses are now towering structures, with ceiling heights surpassing 45 feet. This vertical growth, intended to maximize storage capacity, introduces new safety requirements. 

Embracing Innovation for Complex Environments

Warehouses are becoming increasingly intricate. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) employ robots in dense storage to pick and place items which add complexity. Some of these structures can limit water penetration during fires. Effective fire protection strategies must evolve to meet these challenges. At Sparx, we are leading the way to better protect these advanced commercial spaces.


Firefighter Spraying Hose

Storage Sprinklers are Typically Not Designed to Extinguish Fires

Traditional warehouse sprinklers are often designed to suppress, not extinguish, fires, focusing on controlling spread for safe evacuation and emergency response. However, high-density storage and automated systems like ASRS make emergency response challenging, increasing risks for firefighters. Dense smoke and navigating through soaked, heavy goods stacked high pose significant hazards. At Sparx, we aim to protect firefighters as we seek to develop solutions that achieve quick, targeted extinguishment in these challenging environments.

Let Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. Provide You With the Protection You Need

The wireless battery-powered fire sprinkler technology we are developing at Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is flexible and adaptable. With multiple sensing options and the power to control sprinkler operations with software, we can engineer a fire sprinkler solution that fits your application. We aim to work with our customers, testing agencies, code consultants, and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) to deliver innovative and effective protection solutions. 

Struggling to find a fire sprinkler system that fits your needs? Have an application outside traditional guidelines? Contact us at the email below.

Our sprinklers can be updated with a simple software change, allowing us to adjust sensor data and thresholds for actuation. We can also create application-specific algorithms to control sprinkler operation. Sparx can engineer, test, and implement an optimal solution for your unique protection needs.

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