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Safeguard Against Fires







$21.9 billion


Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is committed to changing these statistics by offering advanced solutions to better protect people and property.

Our Story

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is devoted to developing innovative technology to protect businesses and building owners against highly challenging fires. Our goal is to allow businesses and building owners push the limits of ceiling heights, storage configurations, commodity classifications, and building architectures like never before. Sparx Holdings Group., Inc. executed a patent license agreement with Sparx Technologies, LLC on August 29, 2022, to commercialize electronic fire sprinkler system technology utilizing a mesh network of fire sprinklers and multiple sensors to respond to fires quickly and effectively. The patents licensed to Sparx Holdings Group. Inc. are patent-pending. Having the ability to pull additional levers with software and algorithms will give us the edge we need to deliver where traditional sprinklers cannot.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is raising proceeds for research and development, working capital, creating prototypes, materials, inventory, production, agency testing, and for other general business purposes. With your support and interest, Sparx will develop fire protection technology solutions to suppress and extinguish highly challenging fires across the world. Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is currently trading on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol SHGI. Please check out our Investor Relations page for more information.

Our Mission

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions through the use of electronics and software to enable our customers to focus on their business operations with the peace of mind that their facilities, commodities, and occupants are effectively protected from fire hazards.

The Team at Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.

Cassie DeNunzio

Cassie DeNunzio

Cassie DeNunzio received her BS Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2014, graduating as a University Honors Program Presidential Scholar from the University of New Hampshire. In 2016, she received her MS Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and in 2019 she received her MBA Degree from Arkansas State University. Cassie has worked in the fire suppression industry for approximately ten years as an electrical engineer and technology leader, designing and developing new products, assisting customers implement solutions, and discovering potential markets. As CEO of Sparx Holdings Group, Inc., Cassie has a passion for protecting people, buildings, and commodities from potential fire hazards.

CEO, Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.

Jeffrey DeNunzio

Jeffrey DeNunzio

Director of Finance and Administration, Sparx Holdings Group, Inc.

Jeffrey DeNunzio graduated Cum Laude from Roger Williams University in 2012, with a double major in Legal Studies and Psychology. Prior to his graduation, and to the present day, he has acted as a research specialist and consultant for numerous publicly traded companies as well as private developmental stage companies. His experience spans from small start up stage companies, to multi million dollar publicly listed companies. His extensive business knowledge and history gives him keen insight into what it takes to make a company profitable and ensure that it remains in good standing. Jeffrey has vast experience in preparing SEC filings, corporate structuring, reverse triangular mergers, and spearheading business operations and trading processes of various companies with both domestic and foreign origin.

Nick DiFilippo

Nick DiFilippo

Nick DiFilippo graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island in 2011 with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree. Nick received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree in 2012 and received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 both from the University of Rhode Island. Nick has extensive experience in robotics, artificial intelligence, perception, and mechatronics, sensor integration, microfluidics, algorithm development, and cognitive robotics. Nick has provided his skills and expertise across various industries including fire protection, the defense industry, and education and research. Nick has also authored multiple publications for his research and design works related to cognitive architectures, force and vision sensing, and microfluidic systems.

Mechanical Consultant

Robert Galli

Bobby Galli

Robert Galli graduated with a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2014 from the University of New Hampshire. Robert has expertise in developing software for both frontend and backend for applications, managing remote software development teams, and interacting with customers and designers to build features that provide tangible value. He has vast experience in Node.js, TypeScript, Angular client web-applications, creating SDKs for various platforms, and writing testable software. Robert is also a published tech author and has written various articles including "CI/CD for Angular Developers", "GitHub Status Checks and Branch Protection Made Easy", and "How To Build a Linux Shared Library". 

Software Consultant

Devin Mullen

Devin Mullen

Devin Mullen graduated from the University of of New Hampshire in 2012 with his B.S. in Electrical Engineering degree. Devin has vast experience when it comes to hardware and software design including battery-powered electronics, digital signal processing, communications, microcontroller designs, integrated sensor products, lasers, and power electronics. Devin also has diverse industry experience encompassing research, commercial product development, lighting systems, and defense. Devin's professional interests include analog and digital circuit design, hardware development, and chip-level design for embedded electronics. 

Hardware Consultant

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