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Partner With Us

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. is an expert in electronic fire sprinkler technology and we want to partner with you. We would like to grow together, while ultimately helping scale our mutual clients.   

Our products are designed to interface with existing fire sprinklers by enhancing fire detection, responding to fires quickly and accurately, and allowing for simultaneous grouped sprinkler operation. We plan to use our technology in markets that require protection for highly challenging fires, fires that cannot be adequately suppressed or extinguished by traditional fire sprinklers.


At Sparx Holdings Group, Inc., we are exploring opportunities with fire sprinkler companies to partner with us. Many sprinklers have already undergone comprehensive verification and validation testing, and their spray patterns have been carefully designed. With our added technology we would like to expand and grow the applications of traditional fire sprinklers. 

We care about long-term partnership and deeply value these relationships. Please reach out to us via our e-mail address below to discuss ways we can collaborate and make a difference in protecting people and property.  

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